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FAT GRAFTING - Non Surgical Facelift with Adipose Stem cells
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FAMI testimonies from USA

“Dr. Amar is a very meticulous individual and his focus is razor sharp when it comes to this technique he has pioneered. “ Gabriel 2009

“As of today, the results are fantastic. My face has the full appearance I had eight years ago before sun damage, laser and chemical peel treatments.” John G. 2009

“I will be eternally grateful to Dr. Amar as I feel that he quite honestly saved my face and my mental health after I suffered an unfortunate incident with a hyaluronic acid injection that left me with deep indentations where my smile lines had once been.” Laura 2009

“Before finding Dr. Amar, I researched possible treatments for about three months and was determined that fat injections were my only option, as I feared that I might have another inflammatory reaction to anything else.” Laura 2009

“Ultimately, Dr. Amar was the only Doctor that I could find with a track record of more permanent results.” Laura 2009

“In some ways, his results sounded too good to be true, but after having put myself in Dr. Amar's hands, I can fully attest that his results can be extraordinary.” Laura 2009

“I think what distinguishes Dr. Amar from others is not only that he is a superb doctor, but he seems to be a master of Anatomy. He really understands the muscular and anatomical structure of the face.” Laura 2009

“From my first contact with Sylvia, she was so kind, helpful and supportive that I immediately felt at ease.” Laura 2009

“Honestly, because I have so much respect for him as a doctor, I expected to find him somewhat intimidating, but from the moment I spoke with him, I found him so warm and wonderful, and I quickly felt connected to him and was able to talk to him.” Laura “I would never do either again, and I will never allow a Doctor other than Dr. Amar to touch my face!” Laura 2009

Dear Dr. Amar, Thank-you so much for you expertise on female beauty. I am grateful to have been the recipient of your invaluable knowledge and talent.Dr. Dianne Haas Polsen Dermatologist. Orlando, Florida January 2007

Overall, my nose, my lips, my chin, my forehead, and my jaw line, BEAUTIFUL. Valerie (August, 2005)

At 46, I was looking hard and severe, which is the opposite of my personality, to say the least! I even lost my dimple; it became just another crease in my face. Dr. Amar's FAMI work made quite a difference. (I was even carded a few weeks ago when I was buying wine.) My dimple is back, too Kris. (May, 2005)

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