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FAT GRAFTING - Non Surgical Facelift with Adipose Stem cells
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FAMI testimony from Lesley

A non-smoker, I have always taken care of myself, with plenty of exercise, eating healthily and two years ago I stopped drinking alcohol altogether. I have spent a lot on treatments and expensive creams to keep myself looking my best, but, no matter how much you take care of yourself, age naturally take it¹s toll.

When I turned 53 I began to notice I was losing the fullness in my face. Keeping in shape kept my body looking great, but I was beginning to look gaunt in the face. When I looked in the mirror what I saw didn¹t match the way I felt. I had this great body and a very youthful attitude but my face no longer fitted in with the rest of me.

Having previously been under a surgeon´s knife, I did not want to go down that road again, so I decided to start doing some research into what choice of treatments were out there. I read about Dr Amar¹s FAMI (Fat Auto-Graft Muscle Injection) facelift on the internet. Fat is taken from the lower part of your body, spun at very high speed in centrifugal equipment to extract the stem cells from the fat, which he then injects back into your face to fill it out and make it look younger.

The stem cells keep on growing and improving, so the results get better over time and there¹s no need to go back for more treatments. What appealed to me was that it promised natural looking results - all under a local aesthetic!

I took another year to make the decision and then contacted the clinic. I spoke with Sylvia who reiterated the procedure to me in a gentle and reassuring way. The thought of the injections in the face was rather daunting, but I appreciated the open and honest way that she dealt with my questions. I made an appointment for 6 months later and started counting the days to a better, fresher looking me!

My consultation with Dr Amar took place the day before the procedure. He told me that I was perfect for a FAMI facelift. I arrived bright and early the following morning at the clinic where Dr Amar and his team were ready and waiting for me. The atmosphere was charged with everyone´s excitement and anticipation. I was sedated and as I started to relax, asked Sylvia if I should have the little dent in the middle of my nose filled out? She couldn´t decide so I said ´Let the nurses decide!´

As I had such a slim body, Dr Amar took the fat from my inner knees and lower hips. I was thrilled as I no longer had wobbly knees! After it had been treated to harvest the stem cells, which takes around half an hour, the doctor started injecting my face. The procedure took around three hours and was so relaxing I actually drifted off to sleep and woke up in the recovery room.

Later I walked back over to my hotel where I inspected my face in the mirror. Although there some swelling and a little bruising, I felt no pain at all. I took things easy in the hotel for the next few days. Most of the swelling had receeded by then and caught my flight home.

I was and still am very delighted with the results. I get highly complimentary remarks from all kinds of people I deal with at work. Co-workers knew that I had had something done, but they couldn´t quite figure out what it was!

The procedure costs around £10,000, which, initially sounds like a lot of money to spend on yourself. But given the long-term expectations of the lasting results, it is worth every penny!

Lesley H. Geneva 2010

Born in Darwen, Lancashire 55 years ago, Lesley is today divorced and working as a visitor relations office for an international medical device company based in Switzerland.

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