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FAMI testimony from Maria

It was beginning of 2006 when I started realizing how tired, sad and pale I looked. A number of sudden life changes, including moving from one continent to another, leaving my friends behind, had not been easy. In Spain I had been experiencing a very intense professional life starting off in Barcelona and moving again later to southern Spain. All these changes had affected me in many ways, especially physically.

Soon I realized that 2 years had been like ten years when it came to my appearance. I quickly decided to look into plastic surgery with the hope of improving my drooping upper eye lids and eye bags through a blepharoplasty, and my apparently growing nose. My face had lost so much weight, my bone structure was apparent; my nose looked bony and bigger. Sometimes people would tell me I look anorexic; of course I thought they were exaggerating, since I was eating fine but I had to admit that a unconscious stress was consuming me.

So, for me the first step was to clearly recognise my critical situation. I started searching for medical information with the hope of finding a good plastic surgeon which would be experienced and would solve my main concerns: my eyes and nose, thinking that would solve it.

I started off by going to what all the media recognised as the best in Spain and the 15th best in the world. I had a first consultation in Madrid. As I walked out, I had the feeling not to have been with a doctor and not to have solved very much. It had been very impersonal and mechanic. Few questions were asked, some pictures were taken, and I received the medical costs a few weeks later.

A few months later, reading through the health section of ABSOLUTE magazine of Marbella, Costa del Sol, I came across an article: - ‘Turn Back Time’, detailing an alternative to surgical facelift and blepharoplasty. The article was exclusively about Dr. Amar and his advanced FAMI technique using adult stem cells from the own body to repair and rejuvenate tissue. I thought it was very interesting. Being absolutely in favor of “the more natural – the better”, I researched this new amazing sounding technique, learning as much as possible about our own adult stem cells. It sounded more logical than to cut and pull or to eliminate something we have by nature.

I called the AMAR CLINIC and Sylvia, his Assistant, gave me a date for a consultation with Dr. Amar. Already the first contact with the clinic, which I think is most important, had been very positive and pleasant, contrary to my prior experience where I had felt like – “next”!

My first consultation with Dr. Amar was not only educational in the sense: “Dr. explaining – patient listening – pictures - price”- No! Dr. Amar dedicated 1.5 hours with me first to make me understand what had actually happened to me in the past years, He then went on to explain the possibilities I had in order to improve my appearance. He did recommend FAMI for me over other procedures and he did explain why! That was when I started to understand that skin, bags and nose don’t grow with time and age, it is much more complex than that.

Not only was I impressed from the first consultation, I realized what I had been suspecting for a long time - I had to change the rhythm of my life.

Dr. Amar suggested that I take my time and think about all I had learned and to digest it. If I had questions, and he was sure I would, I could come back any time to speak with him. After my prior experience I was completely impressed that this time a doctor had taken his time to understand the person and to explain his suggestions. But should it not always be like that?

I took my time and researched further about adult stem cells and Dr. Amar, his credentials, his academic records, etc. I gathered my questions and concerns, and weeks later I had a second consultation. I have to explain one very important detail - the clinic’s team, including Sylvia the assistant, Beli the nurse and even Dr. Amar’s wife, Ghislaine, who I had the opportunity to meet, always received me as I was the only patient. You get all the attention and all their time. It was fantastic.

After 4 consultations with lots of questions and about 6 months later I decided to undergo the FAMI technique surgery. From that moment on, Sylvia the Assistant was like an assistant to me, giving me a medical protocol and preparing me mentally for the surgery. The personalized and professional attention of the clinic’s team is exceptional.

The day of the surgery I was nervous and excited at the same time. Sylvia and Beli received me with open arms, I was introduced to the anaesthetist and the entire team was absolutely ready for me. Dr. Amar came into the room were I was being prepared to make sure that I was fine.

The local anaesthesia and sedation were applied and during the surgery, I felt no pain - nothing! I remember I was asked to smile and a few other things, music was playing. Once the surgery procedure was concluded I held a mirror in front of my face and could already see the results. There I was, again. I was back. I remembered that face from about 10 years earlier. Then I fell asleep. I was put to rest and at some point Dr. Amar checked on me and smiled satisfactory. I was discharged about 1 hour later, when my husband arrived to take me home.

I felt drowsy and tired, but no pain - still no pain. Sylvia advised to take some painkillers in case I felt pain or had a headache, and I remember a bit of a headache the next day. But that was it!

I want to mention a small but important part of this procedure. Dr. Amar did also a great job on a mini-Liposuction, carried out at the same time as the FAMI. It was a minimal part, but important nonetheless, and nobody wants to have dents or asymmetry on their hips or buttocks. I had some bandages on my hips which I removed after a few days. No scars, a bit of pain, like when you are sore from exercise.

I slept like a baby most of the day and the days after, slowly recovering from the local anaesthesia, and still no pain.

I had follow up visits to the clinic and pictures were taken. Dr. Amar was assured that the symmetry was maintained while the swelling was receeding. As every person reacts different to the procedure, I had no bruising at all; just the logical swelling which went down gradually. The transformation was amazing. My eyes and forehead were again full and prominent and my eye lids did not hang any longer. The entire eye area was rejuvenated; my nose looked smaller and my entire face had gained shape and volume and was lifted and tight. My skin was pinkish, shining with life and fresh looking. These were the true results of my FAMI surgery. The evolution took about 2 months, and continued to improve further over time. And what I mean with that is that at first I looked a bit strange due to the inflammation, and day by day I kept changing to look myself again, but a self I had not seen in years.

My FAMI procedure was completed in August of 2007 and today, almost 2 years later, I still look great, I have maintained my face’s volume, my skin looks alive, my eye lids are raised and filled, I notice how some of my face’s bones are more prominent. Since the surgery, when I look in the mirror I think, maybe I will loose the results soon, but it stays with me. It is amazing!

I have still today regular contact with Dr. Amar and Sylvia, and they always want to know how I feel and ask to send pictures. I could not imagine undergoing a facelift or any other rejuvenation surgery beside FAMI. Thanks to Dr. Amar’s incredible anatomical knowledge, I have experienced the possibilities and facts of FAMI first hand. His dedication seems unlimited.


July 2009

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