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FAMI Testimony from Laura

Testimony 1 I am thrilled to contribute my experience with Dr. Amar, Sylvia and the FAMI technique. I will be eternally grateful to Dr. Amar as I feel that he quite honestly saved my face and my mental health after I suffered an unfortunate incident with a hyaluronic acid injection that left me with deep indentations where my smile lines had once been.

By way of background: I am an American living in Cairo, Egypt. In July of 2007, I had an injection of hyaluronic acid (viaderm -- sort of like juvaderm) into my smile lines. Over a period of approximately four weeks, following the injection, I began to have a horrible inflammatory reaction at both injection sites. The areas were hard, raised and blue. I happened to be in the US at the time, so I went to a dermatologist in San Francisco. On August 13, 2007, I had an injection of hyaluronidase, an enyzme, to absorb the hyaluronic acid.

The enzyme seemed to have absorbed the hyaluronic acid, however, as the swelling went down over the next few weeks, I was left with two extremely deep and ugly indentations on either side of my mouth. It seemed that either the hyaluronic acid or the hyaluronidase had destroyed my collagen, fat and anything else that had previously been in the area. I have never felt uglier or more depressed in my life. I began to do research to figure out what my options were. I researched possible treatments for about three months. I determined that fat injections were my only option, as I feared that I might have another inflammatory reaction to anyting else.

By November, after scouring the internet, I narrowed my choices down to two doctors: Dr. Lisa Donofrio in Connecticut and Dr. Amar. I initially came across Dr. Amar's name in a medical journal article which discussed FAMI. From his name, I found the FAMI website. Dr. Donofrio came recommended by a friend in the US. Both Doctors had patients who were very happy with their results. However, Dr. Donofrio's procedure seemed to have less down time and was less expensive. As it turns out, the reason is that her procedure is, frankly, less sophisticated (and less effective), but I didn't know that at the time. However, when I looked at Dr. Donofrio's release form, it was clear that her results were not long lasting. I expressed concern about this and told her office that I was also considering Dr. Amar. Dr. Donofrio knew Dr.Amar personally and raved about how great he was.

Ultimately, Dr. Amar was the only Doctor that I could find with a track record of more permanent results. I was particularly impressed by the clear research and years that he had put into developing his technique. Dr. Amar is not merely injecting fat (as are so many doctors), but he is depositing fat stem cells along the muscle beds with his own specialized instruments. I was also moved by the testimonials of his previous patients and their before and after photographs. In some ways, his results sounded too good to be true. But after having put myself in Dr. Amar's hands, I can fully attest that his results can be extraordinary. Making the decision to see Dr. Amar, is one of the best medical decisions I have ever made.

Dr. Amar is not only a superb doctor, but he seems to be a master in Anatomy. He really understands the muscular and anatomical structure of the face. I think this is what distinguishes him from other doctors who are doing similar work. While others might attempt to follow similar techniques, Dr. Amar combines his experience and technique with his vast knowledge of facial Anatomy.

I therefore contacted Sylvia in November 2007 to set something up for the following year. From my first contact with Sylvia, she was so kind, helpful and supportive that I immediately felt at ease. Sylvia offered me hope after months of feeling terrified and desperate. She walked me through each step of the process and even called me a couple of times while I was still in Cairo, to allay any concerns that I had. Sylvia is incredible. I received the same attention and care from the first afternoon that I arrived in Marbella. That afternoon I met with Dr. Amar and Sylvia. There was also a visiting Dr. Foxx present in the office. Dr. Amar walked me through each part of the process. From the moment that I met him, I knew that I had made the right decision in choosing Dr. Amar. The day of the actual procedure was absolutely fine. I was so excited to have the procedure and to move on with my life! Again, at each step of the process, Dr. Amar, Sylvia and the staff made me feel at ease. The process itself, I have no recollection of. I remember being prepared for the procedure, moving from a very peaceful darkened room to the operating room and then awaking in the same peaceful room.

After the procedure, I couldn't believe how swollen my face was, but even this stage, they had prepared me for. Both Dr. Amar and Sylvia told me (repeatedly) that I should not look in the mirror, that it would only make me feel depressed and they tried to impress upon me the fact that how I looked, was not my final result. I certainly appreciated their efforts, but frankly, it doesn't matter how many times somebody tells you that... I spent the next 7 days staring at myself in the mirror, convinced that this was my final result. After the procedure, I met with Dr. Amar and Sylvia at least twice before leaving Marbella. I also met with Dr. Amar's wife, who was lovely. She wanted to know my experience with FAMI, how I found Dr. Amar, and similarly expressed the same concern that Dr. Amar's staff had expressed regarding my impressions of FAMI.

When I met with Dr. Amar following the procedure, he was extremely encouraging. He is a warm and wonderful person and has an extraordinary bedside manner. Honestly, because I have so much respect for him as a doctor (and had spent so many months reading about his work before I met him), I expected to find him somewhat intimidating. But from the moment I spoke with him, I found him so warm and wonderful, and I quickly felt connected to him and was able to talk to him.

Dr. Amar encouraged me to stay in touch with his office after I returned to Cairo and I was able to do this for the first 6 or so months... trying to send photographs of my results. Although I have fallen off the wagon a bit lately, I do intend to keep in touch!

I can't believe that it has been almost a year since I first met Dr. Amar and Sylvia. Neither of them may ever fully understand the impact that they have had on my life. I am a relatively happy and outgoing person, but before my FAMI procedure, I faced some of the darkest days of my life. It is only through their help that I have moved forward from that time. Again, I simply cannot tell you how pleased I am with my FAMI result. Dr. Amar gave me back my face and my life. Honestly, words are insufficient to express my sincere gratitude and admiration for Dr. Amar. I next plan to have an upper face FAMI, probably within another year. This was really the most extensive procedure I have ever had on my face. Prior to this, I had had botox and hyaluronic acid injections. I would never do either again, and I will never allow a Doctor other than Dr. Amar to touch my face! I would (and have) happily and enthusiastically recommended FAMI (actually, more specifically, Dr. Amar), to friends.

I personally cannot wait to return to Marbella and see Dr. Amar, Mrs. Amar and Sylvia! If there is any further information that I can provide, I would be more than happy to do so. I wish you all the best with your project!

Best regards,

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