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FAT GRAFTING - Non Surgical Facelift with Adipose Stem cells
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FAMI Glossary of terms

Adipocytes are differentiated and specialized cells that store energy as fat.
A transplant derived and implemented from a single individual. In the case of FAMI, the extracted Adult Stem Cells are autologous
Materials that are derived from the same individual. In the case of FAMI, the extracted Adult Stem Cells are autologous as the recepient is
Benzoin is a topical solution used to clean and protect the skin. Dr. Amar will frequently use Benzoin to clean and protext the face
A Blastocyst is a collection of cells evident in early embryonic development. The inner part of the Blastocyst will eventually create the
Blepharoplasty is a surgery of the eyelid meant to reverse the effects of aging, including muscle and skin depressions. A typical
Named for the Latin word for "Reed", a cannula is a long, slender instrument that is inserted into a body cavity or duct as a part of a
Cannulation. Introduction of a cannula into the muscle body from its origin or its insertion to inject the mesenchymal stem cells. It is the specificity of
Cellular Graft
The act of surgically transplanting a portion of tissue from one place to another. This process can be used in cellular regeneration efforts
A machine using centrifugal force to separate substances of different densities. One type of this machine is used by Dr. Amar and his staff
Dermatology is a branch of medicine that deals specifically with the study and care of the skin and its appendages, including hair, sweat glands, etc. Within this medical specialty, some Dermatologists have a foundation in surgery that allows them to complete some surgical procedures, including liposuction and assorted facial operations.
A Dermasurgeon is a dermatologist who specializes in surgical procedures.
Donofrio, Dr. Lisa
Dr. Lisa Donofrio is a U.S. Board Certified Dermatologist, performing facial aging procedures, such as Botox and fat-injection. Dr.
Effector Organs
Effector Organs are those organs that offer a reaction to a nerve stimulation.
EKG or ECG (Electrocardiogram)
A electrocardiogram is a test given to examine the electrical activity of the heart, transcribing the results into line tracings on paper.
Embryonic Stem Cells
Embryonic Stem Cells, also known as ES Cells, are derived from the inner cells mass of an early stage embryo, known as a blastocyst.
Epithelialization is the regrowth of skin over a wounded area.
Ever Young Areas
Fat deposit areas found in the lower body. The Adult Stem Cells used in the FAMI procedure are found and extracted from these areas.
Facial Block
A Facial Block is the numbing of the nerves, vessels and muscles in the human face. This process precedes Dr. Amar's insertion of his
The acronym FAMI stands for Fat Autograft Muscle Injection, describing the patented procedure developed by Dr. Roger Amar to offer
Fat Injection or Fat transfer
The terms fat injection and fat transfer refer to the process of extracting fat from one area of the body and injecting it into another area,
Fossa Temporalis
The depression on the inferior surface of the sqamous portion of the temporal bone behind the zygomatic arch, located just above the base
In the medical sense, a graft is the transfer of living tissue from one part of the body to another, or to another individual, with the intent of Hippocratic-Galien tradition
Hyaluronic Acid
Hyaluronic Acid is a lubricating substance found in joints and connective tissue. The substance also holds the shape of the eye ball
Hyper-Corrective Injections
The over-compensating of synthetic or organic injections to ensure a satisfactory result. This action is commonly found in cosmetic
Juvederm is a gel-like substance, commonly used in injections meant to add volume to the face. Approved for use in 2006, the gel is made
Also known as lipoplasty, "fat modeling", liposculpture, suction lipectomy or “suction-assisted fat removal”, Liposcution is a cosmetic procedure that uses a surgical approach to remove fat from areas of the human body. Using a aspirator suction device and a cannula, a narrow, hollow tool, surgeons remove fat from the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, the neck, backs of the arms and elsewhere.
Local Anesthesia
Local anesthesia is used during surgical procedures to numb particular areas of the body without putting a patient to sleep.
A meningioma is a slow-growing, typically benign tumor arising from the meninges and often causing damage by pressing upon the brain
The Meniges is the three-membrane envelopes that surround the brain, known as the pia mater, arachnoid, and dura mater.
Mesenchymal stem cells
stem cells extracted from connective and skeletal tissues
embryonic tissue which develops into connective and skeletal tissues including nervous system and bone marrow
Natural Model
Cadavers that have been naturally preserved, usually through freezing, within minutes of death. These subjects provide the clearest picture
Neo-Vascularization is a biological process which creates a vascular connection between a host and grafted tissue. Also called
Neurological System or Nervous
The body system that deals directly with how stimuli is produced, transmitted and interpreted in the effector organs and elsewhere.
Oran, French Algeria
The town in French Algeria, before the independence in 1962, where Dr. Roger Amar was born.
The thin layer that surrounds the bone which creates the organic environment the produces cellular growth. This area is used by Dr. Amar
Present throughout a human’s adipose tissue throughout their adult life, Preadipocytes eventually develop into fat cells and can proliferate
Regenerative cells
The ability to recreate lost or damaged tissues with specialized cells, such as mesenchymal stem cells. This ability provides the
Revascularization is a biological process which creates a vascular connection between a host and grafted tissue. Also called
Somatization is the physical manifestation of the an individual’s mental state, including depression or anxiety. Expressed as physiological
Temporal Hollow
It is the natural hollow existing above the zygomatic arch in the lateral part of the face which is one of the first contour to be hollowed
The Coleman Technique
A technique of superficial fat injection in the face with the help of 3 straight cannulae and a small centrifuge for fat purification developed
Toledo, Luis
A plastic surgeon from San Paolo (Brazil) who was famous in the nineteen eighties for repair of post-liposuction defects in the lower body
Trans-cutaneous cannulation
A technique of injecting tissues as muscle through the skin without an incision, with the help of cannulae. The surgeon uses a sharp
Vascular System
The vascular system is the natural system that includes the vessels that carry fluids such as blood, lymph or sap through the body
Yves Gerard Illouz
Y.G.Illouz is the inventor of a procedure that removes fat from the human body through suction, popularly known as Liposuction. Producing a revolution for patients in search of a way to remove fat with minimal invasiveness and without cutting in the 1970s, the procedure used a suction machine, tubing and a blunt cannula to remove fat through 1 cm holes. Like Dr. Roger Amar, he was also born in Oran, a town in French Algeria.
Zuk, Patricia
Patricia Zuk is a professor at the Santa Monica College in California and provided the article that solidified Dr. Amar's

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