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FAT GRAFTING - Non Surgical Facelift with Adipose Stem cells
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FAMI Technique step by step

FAMI will come with the introduction of a dose of sedatives to produce a further sense of calm, followed by a regiment of local anaesthesia. While the patient will be soothed by the introduction of the sedatives, they will still kept awake, keeping their facial muscles in a relaxed, natural state.

After a patient has reached an acceptable level of relaxation, Dr. Amar will proceed to create a facial block, or to anesthetize the nervous system of the patient’s facial area with a local anaesthesia, greatly reducing their sensitivity.

The same approach will then be applied to the area of a patient’s lower body where Dr. Amar will extract the Adult Stem cells that he will use for the cellular grafts. These cells will be carefully removed from areas of the body which continue to create new, stem cells through the life of a human being and are often referred to as Forever Young regions of the body, including the lower back, the belly and the upper thighs. Fig.54.

FAMI the surgery

Removed as fat from the body, these syringe samples are placed inside of the centrifuge Dr. Amar developed as FAMI began to mature in the early 2000s, and are subjected to forces equalling 13,000Gs. This pressure, far exceeding any stress acceptable by a human being, will separate the extracted samples, turning the fat in a oily substance that rises to the top of the syringe, while leaving the isolated Mesenchymal Stem cells above the liquids at the bottom. Fig.55.

Stem Cells

Completed while the patient is still sedated, the extraction and purification of the Adult Stem cells takes only a short amount of time, leaving the rest of the three hours for Dr. Amar and his team to place the clean samples with care and precision. Fig.56.

Harvesting transfer


Choosing his tools according to the needs of the particular patient, Dr. Amar will enter each chosen muscle from its point of origin or inception, cleanly and safely working his customized cannulae through the length of the muscle. Living up to the promise of “surgery without a scalpel”, Dr. Amar uses a small tool to create a miniscule insertion at the muscle’s point of origin, used as an entry point for the cannula.

This approach, compared with the invasive puncturing of traditional fat injections, leaves little room for lasting trauma or detrimental damage to the face’s nervous and vascular systems. While earlier approaches might have injected a needle straight through the skin, risking permanent damage to nerves and muscle tissue, the FAMI technique sidesteps the uncertainty with a point of insertion that works with, rather than against, a patient’s natural facial structure. Fig.57.

Further, this approach is the end result of years spent studying the complexities of a facial anatomy, allowing Dr. Amar a familiarity that provides for an exact point of insertion, further reducing the chance of lasting side-effects or trauma, including bruising, swelling and scars. After Dr. Amar has inserted the cannula into the muscle tissue, he will then carefully remove the tool, slowly and meticulously leaving the purified Adult Stem cells as he goes. These cells are essentially the FAMI building blocks as they quickly adapt to their new environment, taking on the characteristics of their new host tissue and starting the process of maturing into healthy new cells.

Placed beneath a patient’s periosteum, the thin, active layer surrounding the bone, or within any one of the three muscular layers that make up the facial structure, these cells will soon grow as strongly and naturally as if they were always intended to add needed volume to the face.

Miraculously adaptive, the cells offer the cleanest, most organic way to provide permanent, natural growth to the deficient areas of the body. These are not unnatural fillers or chemicals that may shift within unstable or foreign environments. Rather, they are as natural as if a patient’s body had placed them there itself, creating predictable and reliable results.

Once laid to rest in their new environment, the cells will likely adapt to the local tissue, grow and begin to produce visible, organic results within about a month. However, the success of these cells and their ability to take to their new environment depends heavily on the next and last step of the actual procedure.

After Dr. Amar has made the proper insertions, leaving only cellular grafts in his wake, a patient will be responsible for FAMI’s pivotal conclusion – getting lots of rest. While each patient is free to rest or nap as long as they would like or need to after the completion of the procedure, they are asked to make every effort to create a stress-free environment at home or in their respective accommodation, allowing the grafts to fully take.

While Dr. Amar and his staff will be on hand to help each patient safely return to their home or hotel, provide or arrange for meals and needed medicines, a patient must take the initiative to ensure a healthy and tranquil environment to help the healing process.

We will provide step-by-step instructions for the days, weeks and months following the procedure in Section 7, however, patients should remember some simple rules to follow immediately following the conclusion of their time in the FAMI clinic.

First, they should make the effort to avoid stressing the muscles in their face. This includes not only laughing or sharp facial movements, but also talking of any kind. Patients should avoid public appearances that demand vocal communication, as well as picking up the phone for a chat. Although this may sound a little drastic, any movement of the facial muscles will slow or hinder the acceptance of the host tissue to the cellular graft.

Like the skin grafts that first inspired Dr. Amar to begin exploring the power of regenerative cells, the less movement there is, the more successful the graft will ultimately be.

This aversion to facial muscle stress also extends to a patient’s diet, which should avoid hard foods like apples or stiff breads. Instead, patients should eat softer foods, such as bananas, taking pains to avoid any food items that would require undue stress on their jaws. For a list of suggested soft foods, please ask Dr. Amar’s team, who will be on hand to provide any additional advice or answers long after the procedure has come to an end.

In addition to the absence of cleaners and lotions prior to the procedure, patients should also avoid harsh chemicals and soaps immediately following FAMI. Once complete, Dr. Amar or an associate, will apply a special lotion that will quickly close a patient’s facial pores, helping to seal the points of insertion as well as helping to improve the health of the skin. This will also work towards greatly reducing the time needed to properly heal, cutting down on the already minimal period of light swelling and bruising that will follow in the days after a FAMI procedure.

However, aside from the lotion, which will be addressed further in Section 7, no harsh solutions should be applied to a patient’s face. This includes not only medicinal ointments and cosmetics, but also soaps and even hot water. Instead,

Instead, a patient should wash their face with nothing more than cold water, avoiding hot showers and steam, which would only serve to reopen their facial pores.

No matter how much a trip to the pool or beach might sound inviting, patients should avoid any direct sunlight, while they let their skin heal in a cool and dry environment, free of direct, often-harsh natural light.

Instead, they should retire to their home or chosen accommodations to relax, free of stress and any physical demands, including exercise or other strenuous activity.

Finally, in the hours and days after the conclusion of the FAMI procedure, a patient should, above all, remain positive. While certainly easier said than done, a positive attitude and outlook about the decision a patient has made is imperative to the success of FAMI’s cellular graft.

Much like the worry that often accompanies the build-up to the day of surgery, post-procedure anxiety or depression is not only common, but also expected. For that reason, patients should feel free to call on Dr. Amar and his team of experienced professionals whenever they need a question answers, a doubt calmed or simply to be reassured.

As with all of the suggested post-procedure practices, this positive outlook and comprehensive care for a patient’s physical and mental wellbeing should be adopted as long-term life choices. In order to ensure lasting, positive results, patients should embrace a healthier and more proactive way of life, starting with the proper and responsible care of their post-FAMI face.

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