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FAMI Arriving on the day of surgery

By the time the day of surgery rolls around, both patient and doctor have travelled long and challenging paths to arrive there prepared and confident about the experience they are about to embark on together.

For the patient, the path has required study, openness and a willingness to fully and confidently embrace an emerging medical technology on their way to achieving a fuller, healthier facial structure. These individuals come to FAMI for a number of different reasons but all have put their fear aside and opened themselves to the confident realization that it is the best possible remedy for whatever challenge they wish to overcome.

They have put forth the effort to take better care of themselves, both mentally and physically, and can be proud of the fact that they have been as active and important to the FAMI process as the team of medical professionals who they have put their trust in.

For Dr. Amar and his experienced medical team, this path is the result of decades of research and experience, culminating in the most capable and knowledgeable collection of professionals available. This path has seen Dr. Amar and his associates work hand-in-hand with each and every patient to ensure they arrive on the day of surgery confident and comfortable with the decision they have made, working hard until the final moments before the procedure begins to calm any fears and doubts a patient may have.

Much has been asked of each and every individual involved and much more will be asked in the days, weeks and months to come. However, if a patient has followed the detailed preparation instructions outlined in Section 5 of this publication, the big day will prove to be a welcome respite from the pressures and stress often associated with cosmetic surgery.

With the exception of arriving on the morning of the procedure with an empty stomach, but full of confidence, a patient may rest assured that little will be asked of them. After weeks or months of preparation, a patient has the chance to relax, content in the knowledge that they are in good and experienced hands and that the FAMI procedure will soon be complete.

The same, however, cannot be said of Dr. Amar and his medical team. Indeed, the day of surgery is their opportunity to put decades of study, research and hands-on experience to work. The chapters that follow will outline these actions and responsibilities in detail, offering a full and thorough schedule of the FAMI procedure from beginning to end.

This section will lay out the day’s events, detailing each step and what a patient can expect from their time in the clinic, as well as what will be required of them in the hours and days following the procedure. While this section is intended to offer a comprehensive overview of the big day, we realize that some questions and doubts may remain. As ensuring a patient’s comfort and trust in the FAMI procedure is of the utmost importance, please refer any lingering questions you may have regarding the procedure and day of surgery to Dr. Amar and his informative team.

Chapter 1: Arriving on the Day of Surgery
While the measures and precautions that should be taken in the days and weeks before a FAMI procedure are outlined in Section 5, it is perhaps that final 48 hours before arriving at the clinic that are the most important.

Marbella, The Amar Clinic

During those two final days, a patient should have arrived in Marbella ( fig 52) with time enough to adapt comfortably to the local environment and his or her accommodations. This level of comfort will help each patient relax and reduce any stress of their personal or professional life, thereby reducing the risk of somatization – the physical manifestation of emotional stress. If a patient is staying or living in Marbella at the time, they should work towards creating that same sense of calm and relaxation in their home.

Any yoga or breathing exercises that have been initiated in the run-up to the day of surgery should be continued.

All medicines, prescription or otherwise, should be long since removed from a patient’s daily regiment, as should any lotions that include cortisone in their list of ingredients. They should also avoid time spent in direct sunlight in the days before the procedure, or at least take measures to protect their skin with appropriate lotions.

The healthy, protein-rich diet suggested by Dr. Amar and his team should also be continued until the day before the procedure, as well as long after, though all eating and drinking should cease the evening before they actually arrive at the clinic.

A patient should spend the day before the procedure in a state of deep relaxation, avoiding stress of any kind. Often, this process is easier discussed than actually acted upon and last minute worries and doubts are not only common, but also expected.

Dr Roger Amar and his team

While Dr. Amar’s team (fig.53) will make every effort to answer any remaining questions and calm doubts through a series of telephone calls and visits, patients should always remember that they are available for inquiries any time before or after the procedure is complete.

After a good night’s sleep, a patient should arrive at the clinic without having anything to eat or drink that morning. They should also arrive free of jewellery, make-up or any valuables, as they will be required to enter the operating room without anything that might prove to be an obstruction to Dr. Amar and his surgical team.

Once there, the patient will be welcomed and asked if they have any last-minute questions or concerns that need to be seen to. Only after a patient is clearly ready and confident to proceed, they will be guided to the operating room to begin the procedure that will likely last no more than three hours, from start to finish.

Before a patient has arrived, Dr. Amar and his team will have created a surgical strategy, customized to the physical and aesthetic needs of each particular patient. This strategy will have been formed after repeated consultations between the patient and Dr. Amar and his team and a thorough analysis of the required collection of blood tests, an EKG and a patient’s medical history.

This strategy will also be formed by which specific areas Dr. Amar and the patient have decided are in need of cellular grafts, including their lower, upper or complete face. While this strategy will vary from patient to patient, most will require FAMI applied to their periosteum, as well as the lower, middle and superficial layers of their facial muscles.

Once agreed upon, this strategy will determine not only which of Dr. Amar’s customized cannulae will be used, but also which points of insertion will be used. With the strategy agreed upon, the patient confident and comfortable and Dr. Amar on hand, the stage will then be set for the procedure to begin.

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