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FAT GRAFTING - Non Surgical Facelift with Adipose Stem cells
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FAMI What to expect and to do

The first hours and days after a FAMI procedure is complete will prove to be the most physically and emotionally taxing on a patient. Although there is little actual pain due to the small insertion points used by Dr. Amar, the path of the cannula along the muscle fibers and the use of local anaesthesia, the first three to four days will see the most noticeable cases of edema and bruising.

These side effects will vary from patient to patient but should begin to subside within a few days, but while they are present, certain practices should be followed.

DoubtImmediately after the application of the FAMI technique, patients should use nothing more than cold water to rinse their face. As mentioned in Section 6, Dr. Amar will apply a special lotion (Benzoin) immediately after the completion of the procedure to protect the skin, but efforts will be required to keep the skin healthy and clean long after the procedure is done.

No soaps, astringents or lotions should be applied in any capacity. Hot showers and steam of any kind should be avoided at all costs, which will help preserve the sensitive post-surgical skin, as well as keeping the patient’s pores closed.

In order to ensure the cellular grafts have the time and ability to take, the post-FAMI patient should also make a special effort to avoid any sort of strenuous motion or activity. Locally, this means avoiding any social interactions that would require conversations or long telephone calls.

While undoubtedly difficult, this avoidance of conversation or any speaking that may strain the facial muscles is vital to the health and success of the cellular grafts. The calmer the environment, the healthier the transplanted adult stem cells will be.

This also requires a diet free of hard to chew foods, such as tough meats or breads. Instead, patients should consume softer fruits, vegetables and liquid products, such as soup. This will help reduce the stress applied to the facial muscles, allowing for an easier acceptance of the newly placed adult stem cells.

In a broader sense, strenuous activity to be avoided includes any sort of exercise beyond a relaxed walk. Instead, post-FAMI patients should work towards not working at all, at least for the period immediately following the procedure. Instead, they should retreat to their local home or accommodation to relax, away from the heat and direct light of the sun.

In its broadest sense, the avoidance of strenuous activity means that a patient should not travel long distances for at least three days, including the day of surgery. If their journey requires more than four to five hours of air travel, such as a flight from Spain to the West Coast of the United States, they should wait at least five days to begin traveling. This requirement is meant to help avoid the side effects that might be caused by long periods of time in a high-pressure airplane cabin, including prolonged periods of edema and risks to the health of the cellular grafts.

Although these side effects are not commonly reported, it is better to error on the side of caution when making travel arrangements. Additionally, patients should allow time to schedule a follow-up with Dr. Amar before they leave the country. Although they will also ask patients to submit photographs over time to provide a developmental timeline, it is important to visit with Dr. Amar and his team personally at least once before a patient leaves for home. If the patient resides in or around the South of Spain, it is suggested that patients continue these personal visits when and if possible.

After the first three days have passed, a FAMI patient should work towards avoiding hot water and harsh cleaning solutions and should work with Dr. Amar and his staff towards selecting a cleaning schedule and selection of solutions best suited for their skin type, as well as avoiding any activities that might needlessly raise their blood pressure or make them sweat. This avoidance of strenuous activity, including that of a sexual nature, should continue for at least three weeks. When two weeks have gone by, patients should begin using a cleaning solution provided by Dr. Amar’s clinic, which uses small quantities of alcohol to provide a deep cleaning of the skin, removing the dead skin cells. This solution should be applied once in the morning and once at night for best results.

As the days turn into weeks, the immediate side effects of the FAMI treatment will begin to fade, but the practices a patient adopts after the procedure should not. Each passing day offers further neo-vascularization, the pivotal growth of new vessels from the host tissue to the cellular grafts, so a patient’s physical and mental will be especially important in the weeks after FAMI in order to produce the most positive results.

This attention to healthy living should extend to all aspects of a patient’s life, including retaining a healthy diet, avoiding unhealthy habits such as smoking and keeping other habits within moderation. FAMI patients should also remember to avoid long periods in the sun without the proper protection. If a patient has any doubts about what constitutes adequate protection from the sun, they should consult with Dr. Amar and his team immediately.

While a patient may see the results of FAMI technique within a month or two, after the transplanted cellular grafts have taken to their new host tissue and begun to grow, it is important to make these lifestyle choices permanent parts of their lives.

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